Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome to Entertainment Design @ Art Center

Hey everyone, Wilson here!

As you can see the collaborative blog for our entertainment department is up now. We can use this blog for suggesting ideas and changes for the department and for the room, as well as for posting individual works and interacting with one another, references and inspirations, and other miscellaneous things. Probably the only limitation is that you don't post things that Tim, Maritza, or Thomas might find inappropriate.

Couple of things here:
You can't log into Blogger/Blogspot with your inside.artcenter.edu account (I don't know if this applies to teachers/faculty with artcenter.edu accounts). Also if you haven't received an invite for permissions to this blog please let me know and email me at wuxanaxan@gmail.com, or contact Tim or Maritza.
Also, I added two links gadgets, one for students and one for teachers. What this means is that each person that adds their name to their respective list can have a link to their blog/website. There's also another section for cool website links that could be helpful (ie. core77, imaginefx, etc.), and I'm going to add a labels section so we can differentiate between posts.

Again, please, if you're in Art Center and you're in entertainment and you're not invited to the blog yet, please contact me (or Tim and Maritza) and we'll get that in order.


- Wilson Huang


  1. This was an awesome idea Wilson ~ thanks~!

  2. Thanks for the invite, and thanks for the hard work! Looks like you spend some time on this.

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